We want a music industry where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

SSSo and InChorus have partnered to give individuals working across the music industry a safe space to speak out about everyday instances of bias & harassment. For the next month we’ll be inviting you all to share your experiences, past or present, before sharing any findings at MEETSSS.

We know that microaggressions are definitely not ‘micro’ in their impact. We want to make sure no one is suffering in silence and have created the InChorus platform for you to anonymously share your experiences. Time is up for any kind of bias or harassment.

Moving forwards, InChorus will be accessible 24/7 for you to log an incident wherever and whenever it happens. We'll then aggregate this anonymous data across the industry in order to understand where the biggest issues are. We can then take targeted steps to change things through interventions such as training initiatives, helplines, educational resources, and greater collaboration around the real issues that the data directs us towards.

Help us to create a more inclusive music industry!

Some further information can be found in the FAQs below.

What is InChorus?
InChorus is an anonymous reporting platform for you to log any incident of bias or harassment that you’ve experienced.
Can I name an individual?
No. InChorus is designed to show patterns and trends and provides us with the insight needed to take action at an industry level. Instead, of taking a name we’ll ask about what happened, where it happened, and some demographic information about who was involved.
How does it work?
It takes about 60 seconds to flag your experience via InChorus. We’ll ask you to select dropdown answers to capture what you’ve experienced and aggregate this data to show problem areas. Because you’re anonymous you won't receive any direct feedback or action.
Am I anonymous?
Yes! We do not take any personal information such as your email address or IP address. You only have to the share the demographic information about yourself that you are comfortable with, and we always aggregate the data in a way that protects your anonymity.
What will happen when I capture my experience?
We will look at the aggregated data and share this with SheSaidSo. The goal here is to identify trends and explore initiatives that might address these.

Email us for any more questions.

Regarding the product, you can email InChorus directly with any more questions or feedback you may have to: